The Editors

Corey Bean

Jordan Schauer is a New Yorker but has lived in South Korea for three years. He is interested in reading about themes of home and life as an outsider and is curious about the relationship between place and character/identity. Second to that he is interested in stories of love, relationships, dating, parenting, (dysfunctional is okay), and confronting those questions we must consider as we move through this world. He writes fiction, nonfiction and poetry and has an MFA from the City College of New York. He is also a certified yoga instructor and plays the guitar.

C.R. Dobson
Hello readers and potential contributors! I am an EFL teacher in South Korea. For several years now, I have been soldiering through the challenges and cruising through advantages of living life as a stranger in a strange land. What do you have to say about your experiences as a foreigner? We’re waiting patiently for your words.