Foreign is OPEN for submissions from now until June 1st 2019. 

Submissions can be emailed to Please include the genre (Fiction, Nonfiction, or Poetry) in the subject of the email. We ask that your submission be attached to the email in a document that is double-spaced with 12 point font. Times New Roman is preferred, but we won’t be furious if you happen to use a slightly different font. Please limit your submissions to only once every six months.

Multiple submissions are permitted, but if your work is accepted at another journal, please contact us.

For poetry submissions, we ask that you keep your submissions under 100 lines. We enjoy all forms of poetry, but be careful with formal verse. Unless it’s some next-level Shakespearean stuff, we may not be interested.

For fiction and creative nonfiction submissions, we ask that they be a minimum of 1500 words. We set no strict upper limit on word count, but we prefer that you try to keep submissions under 7500 words.

Compensation: We would love to be able to pay you for your writing; however, we are a fledgling journal run by English professors who do not rob banks, so we’re unable to pay you at this time.

Deadline: For our next issue, the deadline for submissions is June 1st 2019. Submissions after this date will be considered for the following issue.

Response Time: We’ll get back to  you as soon as possible. If you haven’t heard from us after 60 days, feel free to request an update on your submission.

Publication Rights: If we decide to publish your work, we’ll assume exclusive first publication rights for six months. During that period, your writing will not be allowed to appear or be sold in any other online or print publication. After six months, all rights will revert back to you.

In addition, we ask that you grant us non-exclusive electronic rights to maintain your writing in our online archives. After six months, you’ll be allowed to remove your work entirely from our archives.

Foreign will be published in winter and summer editions both online and in print.